Five ways to get the most out of your workout, and become your greatest version, faster:

#1 The early bird catches the worm.

A key secret to success is showing up at least 5 minutes early to each class, dressed and ready to go!  Our classes are only 45 minutes long, and each minute is so important! Not to mention, the warm ups are a must-do in order to avoid injury. So come early, take the time to meet other people in class, chat with the instructor, or simply take those few extra minutes to stretch out your muscles, meditate, or improve your form.

#2 Commit!

It is common for a lot of people to leave right after the cardio portion of class, or immediately after abdominal exercises, but you must stick with it. The 5-minute cool-down portion at the end of class is absolutely crucial for proper recovery, and come on…it’s only 5 minutes long. You will form healthy habits by sticking to the class schedule every day, and your body will thank you for it! Remember:  results = consistency over time!

#3 Focus on your breathing.

Do you ever catch yourself forgetting to breathe during a workout? Always keep breathing!

Breathing delivers that wonderful oxygen to the body, allowing your body to perform properly, and for longer. Proper breathing also helps calm the mind, lower blood pressure, and prevent dizziness and lightheaded. Remember: Just keep breathing!

#4 Technique comes first.

So your neighbor is doing a crazy front-kick-jump roundhouse combo that’s leaving you feeling like a total beginner. Well, don’t feel discouraged. It’s probably because they’ve been doing those crazy moves for a long time, and have been thoroughly instructed on the proper, safe methods for those moves.  It is important you make sure your form and technique are absolutely perfect before you even consider attempting such advanced movements.  Take the time to improve the combo’s you do know, but kicking a little higher, focusing on a target, or improving your power chamber.  Do yourself a favor and avoid the risk of injury by waiting for your instructor’s “OK” before attempting difficult combos such as jump-kicks.


Exercise is not, and should not, be a chore! If you enjoy what you’re doing, not only will you get faster results, but you’ll also have an awesome time doing it. Exercise is stress-relieving, will make you healthier and fitter, and is a great socializing activity. So take the time to meet your bag buddy and neighbors, learn their names, give out high fives and words of encouragement in between combos. Create a network of support and encouragement for yourself, and for your classmates. This will keep everyone fired up and motivated. If you have fun, you will be so much more likely to come to class on a regular basis (and thus, see results!)

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