KUT is about people. People who love to learn, to grow, to be their best. KUT is about people who are ready to design the next phase of their lives by creating the healthy lifestyle that will get them there.

KUT is Kickboxers Ultimate Training. It is 9 weeks of sweat pourin’, bag slammin’ fun that will get you fit fast. Classes are 6 days a week and alternate between Fitness Kickboxing, for a cardiovascular workout, and Power Bands, for a resistance weight training workout.  Each day focuses on a specific technique or muscle group to ensure balance and functional mobility.

Every KUT class also incorporates core strengthening for strong abdominals plus flexibility training to make sure those new strong muscles remain long and limber.

Clean KUT Nutrition is the comprehensive food plan that provides each student with the building blocks to health and wellness.  KUT asserts that feeding your body what it needs on a consistent basis will provide greater energy levels and make fat burning virtually effortless. Since many people are confused about what the body needs, KUT provides education and resources for those interested in choosing foods wisely without sacrificing the pleasures of eating.


The key to KUT’s success is that no one has to do it alone.  New students begin with a team of other people who all start together. The staff, coaches and instructors along with the structure of the group classes provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere for each student.

All classes are taught by fitness and martial arts professionals who teach fun, dynamic workouts for beginner to advanced levels. Students go at their own pace and learn how to moderate their workouts to achieve lasting results.

KUT believes that in order to transform our bodies, perfection is not required, just progress. Students are encouraged to continually build on each success, to challenge themselves to their greatest potential.

While the KUT system has helped students create amazing physical transformations, the greatest achievements have been made in other areas of students’ lives; enhanced self-confidence, improved outlook, a greater sense of well-being and the realization that living a fit and energetic life is a gift to be treasured and shared with others.



It all starts with an orientation, where your KUT coordinator will welcome you to the program. You’ll meet your KUT teammates, review the curriculum, and set specific, achievable goals for your fitness and health based on an initial fitness evaluation. This evaluation is your “BEFORE” — your launch pad to the fitness level you have always dreamed of.

Over the course of KUT there are three additional fitness evaluations designed to continually chart your progress so that custom adjustments can be made to your program to meet your specific needs. Expect to see measurable results!

You will have access to KUT’s exclusive membership site, where you will be introduced to all of the resources you need in order to be successful. Each week, there will be videos, nutritional guidance, information and inspiration to help you better reach your health and fitness goals. A KUT Workbook will also be provided to track your daily workouts, meals, energy levels, moods, and more.

Support is provided by the KUT staff and instructors online, in exercise classes, and in additional educational meetings and coaching sessions for those extra tips that will help you along your journey.