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What happens if I miss a class or have to go away for work?

No problem. Since it is consistency that will give you the results you are looking for, it is important that you don’t miss your workout even if you have to miss class. On a kickboxing day, try to get in some kind of cardio workout wherever you are like a simple run or walk. If you miss a Power Bands class, lift some heavy things or do some bodyweight exercises. Your body will thank you.

Do I have to come at the same time each day or can I change it up whenever I want?

Choose your own schedule and change it as you like; however, people seem to do best when they set a regular workout time that keeps them in a routine.

Can I train more than once a day?

You come to only one class per day. The KUT program is designed to help you get great results by training hard for only 45 minutes each day. This might be a lot for some, while others might feel like they want to do more. Listen to your body.

Note: A lot of progress happens during rest when your body has a chance to rebuild and repair. If you want to move more, then do it! Have some fun on a walk or put on your dancing shoes!

Which classes do I take?

You choose one class per day, six days per week. The schedule naturally alternates between Kickboxing (for your cardio workout) and Power Bands (for your resistance training).

How long are the classes?

Classes are 45 minutes long. Each class includes a warm up, core conditioning and flexibility training.

Will KUT help me lose weight?

Kickboxers Ultimate Training is a comprehensive fitness program, designed to help you get healthy and reach your specific fitness goals. That being said, many people come to KUT to lose weight and DO. Some people come to gain muscle and bone density – they do that, too. Make sure you are clear about your goals so that the KUT program can meet your specific needs.

What should I wear?

Comfortable workout clothes are all you need. Many students train in their bare or sock feet, however, if you would like to wear shoes, simply bring some clean shoes with you to put on before getting on the mat.

What if I’m not as good as everyone else?

It’s okay. KUT isn’t about perfection, and it isn’t about a final destination: it’s about supporting you on your journey to total wellness. You start KUT with a team and the other participants in your 9-week program are your teammates. Teammates support each other in achieving their goals so rather than feeling like you’re competing with other students, you’re likely to come out of the program with new friends.

Will KUT teach me how to fight?

In KUT classes, you will learn boxing and kicking techniques at your own pace in a class setting and will not be fighting with or against anyone else. Of course these skills would help if you were in a self defense situation; however, the focus of Kickboxers Ultimate Training is on developing fitness, building self-confidence and personal power.

If you are interested in self defense, watch for a special KUT Defense class that will be offered during your program where you will learn how to use some of the moves you do in class and apply them in a practical situation for your personal protection.


What if I am sick or have an injury, can I still do class?

Please don’t come to class if you are sick. Your body needs rest. Many people come to KUT with chronic injuries. If that is you, certain moves and exercises can be adapted to accommodate your injury, just see your Instructor.

DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT HURTS. Pain is a sign that you need to stop what you are doing. Often times, simply learning how to do a movement properly will relieve any discomfort.

Who will be my instructor and how will they know if I need to go harder or easier?

KUT Instructors are trained kickboxing and martial arts professionals who are committed to making sure you are safe, sweating and smiling!  In KUT, it is assumed that YOU, the student, knows how hard is hard enough.  Classes are designed in such a way to provide intervals of high intensity, mixed with lower intensity to develop quick recovery and maximum cardiovascular benefits. Your Instructor is there to support you and encourage you to your next level of fitness.

I usually get bored in exercise classes. How are KUT classes different?

Have you ever read a magazine while riding an exercise bike or walking the treadmill? Well, you won’t be able to do that when you are kickboxing!

It takes a great deal of focus to kickbox as you work both upper and lower body, giving you an amazing workout and making the time fly by. Also, there are so many techniques and combinations in kickboxing that there is always something new to learn.

I’m already an athlete. What can KUT offer me?

The KUT program is an ideal complement to an athletic lifestyle, and a great way to take your training to the next level. Many KUT students come to the program from other sports. Both kickboxing and resistance training classes offer a significant challenge for the more experienced athlete, and the benefits of the KUT program can enhance performance in a variety of sports and activities.

I’m not very coordinated. Is kickboxing going to be too hard for me?

Most KUT students have never done a kickboxing class before they start. KUT classes are designed to welcome the beginner, and everyone can work up a sweat and have a great time, regardless of experience. You always go at your own pace and along the way, you’ll learn some techniques and improve your balance, coordination, and overall fitness.

What if I’m really out of shape?

Kickboxers Ultimate Training (KUT) is appropriate for people at all levels of fitness. Classes allow students to work at the appropriate level for their abilities, and to modify exercises when necessary. No matter where you’re starting from, you can succeed in this program.

How do I get a 6-pack?

Everybody has a 6-pack–it’s just harder to find it for some people because a layer of fat keeps it hidden. Sit-ups do not reduce fat around the middle, they help strengthen and tone those abdominal muscles underneath. Since genetic factors determine where each person stores their body fat, the best strategy to find your 6-pack is to follow the KUT Nutrition Plan and turn your body into a fat burning machine!

I’m a vegetarian, can I still follow the KUT Nutrition Plan?

Yes. You can participate in the KUT Nutrition Plan to whatever degree you feel most comfortable.

Do I have to go on a diet?

No. Diets don’t work. The KUT Nutrition Plan is based on eating real food to get the results you want without being hungry or depriving yourself of the pleasure of eating. You will learn how to plan your meals in a way that will turn your body from being a ‘sugar burner’ (where glucose is your main source of energy) to being a ‘fat burner’ (where stored body fat becomes your primary fuel). And in 9-weeks, you can develop eating patterns that will enhance your health for a lifetime.

What if I have other questions about KUT?

There is no such thing as a stupid question. Your Instructor or any staff member is happy to help you. If you have a specific question from class, speak with someone afterwards and get your questions answered! After all, YOU are responsible for your results and therefore it is up to YOU to ask for and get the support you need.

What is KUT?

Kickboxers Ultimate Training (KUT) is a transformational group training system that is guaranteed to produce results in only 9-weeks!

KUT integrates heart-zone conditioning, resistance training, core strengthening, and nutritional coaching to support your personal fitness goals. Beginner or elite athlete, you’re in the right place.

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