What does KUT mean to me? It started off as just an idea because I wanted to get in shape.  It worked, and not only did I get in shape but my life was forever changed. Six years ago when I first decided to try this “kickboxing” thing, I’d never punched or kicked anything in my life.  I’d been on and off into fitness over the past years, but was at an all time low in my physical fitness when I found KUT.  I was working in an office job that was making me very unhappy, had a mean boss and was overall in job misery.

What started off as a fitness program turned into a lifestyle and a family and a support group in so many ways.  The people at KUT were so inviting and made me
feel welcome from the first class, and I was very scared that first class!  Halfway
through my 9­ week KUT program something clicked for me and I knew this was “it”.  I found my thing! I got amazing results and went from a soft, slumpy office chair girl to a hard, slim, in shape girl. I was toned, I had stamina, my eating habits were better, I was happier.

During my 2nd round of KUT I joined the Martial Arts Program and began my 4 year journey to black belt. My job situation was getting worse, and around that same time, I was invited to train to teach kickboxing! I was so happy.  That quickly snowballed into a full time position as the KUT coach.

Now I get to watch others start this amazing journey and become part of the KUT
Family.  (It truly is like a family).  My daughter has also become part of the fold and has received her black belt, making her a 12 year old with poise, self­ defense skills and confidence as she goes into Jr. High.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision and the life lessons that have come with martial arts training and being a part of this culture and environment.  I am still in the best shape of my life, and just keep on doing my KUT workouts just like I have for 6 years now, and my body stays tip top.

Thank you KUT!

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