Brandon GetsKUT

Unhappy and unmotivated, Brandon tried many gym exercise programs before he stumbled on KUT. He was afraid an old shoulder injury would keep him from fully participating yet he dropped his cholesterol by 28% and is the happiest he’s ever been.

A 43 year old insurance industry executive, Brandon tried various weight loss methods and exercise regiments over the years. Not surprisingly, most of these attempts had a short life. Brandon’s long-term lack of success was based on loss of self-motivation, and he knew, intuitively, that in order to succeed he needed to be part of a larger group.

Brandon had become lazy in regard to his most important asset: Brandon. He was unhappy and knew he could feel better. He had a full blood workup and then five weeks in, he had his blood tested and there was already a significant change.  Check it out!

He was grateful for that encouragement because at times the hardest part was just walking through the door… but walk through the door he did.  He lost 20 pounds, became happier, healthier and stronger. He says, “I definitely feel more fit and have really seen an increase in my agility.“

Brandon’s biggest takeaway was that no matter how much he exercised, it was the KUT Nutrition Plan that really allowed him to lose the weight and keep it off. Brandon knew that exercise was important, but now he knew that eating right was too.

  •      Total cholesterol drop of 28%
  •      Good cholesterol – HDL – increased 40%
  •      Lost 20 lbs.
  •      Afraid of aggravating old shoulder injury, but did not
  •      Stronger, more agile, happier and fitter
  •      Greatest takeaway: nutrition is a major part and exercise alone does not work
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