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In April 2014 I started KUT (Kickboxers Ultimate Training) to lose the weight I’d gained after a period of working longer hours and being forced to give up jogging and spinning due to a knee injury. I was not sure my knee could take the kickboxing, but I wear a brace and the mat was soft so I was fine. I did have to force myself to get up early, but I was motivated and soon adjusted.

When I hadn’t hit my weight-loss goal I signed up for KUT 2.0 (a second round of KUT) and then found out I was pregnant. Although I didn’t want to continue losing weight, I did want to stay fit. When I was told that another woman had continued her workouts until 2 weeks prior to her due date, I decided to press on. I hoped I could set a new record for working out during pregnancy.

In the end I trained until I was 3 days overdue, shocking everyone as I continued to arrive day-after-day. An Instructor even started a “Guess When the Baby Will Be Born” pool. Ironically she guessed the date and won all the loot! I was now “training” for labor, giving my workouts a new purpose. At times I could feel him kicking really hard inside. I called it the “Ba-boom kick” and am now wondering if Christian has a future in Martial Arts! I often joked that he would be born with a black belt.

After all that training for labor I ended up having an emergency C-section. It did help that I was mentally prepared and very strong physically. I actually overheard the surgeon commenting on my abs during the procedure (no kidding, this is true)!

As soon as my doctor gave me the green light to exercise again I signed up for KUT. I considered this “operation baby-weight.” It took me 2 consecutive KUT programs to shed the pounds I’d gained during pregnancy and now I’m working on reaching my ideal weight, which was my initial goal. While I’m still nursing I can’t restrict my diet too much, but since I now know what to do I will get there. This is not a race.

I’m so glad I discovered Kickboxers Ultimate Training because it’s something I truly enjoy, something I can do with my bad knee and that gets me results. KUT has become a big part of my life and I can’t imagine not coming to class anymore. When I miss one a great big void is left in my day.

What I love about Kickboxers Ultimate Training:

  • The classes are great; obviously that’s why you go.
  • The people – It’s like the happiest place. You can feel comfortable talking to strangers like they’re friends because you share this bond of all being part of a team.
  • You’re encouraged to get to know one another and to find a face you don’t know so you can exchange names. Who does that? And to have people say “Hi Erica” all the time and ask about the baby, it’s like a big family.
  • KUT offers support from the team. I always have a buddy to stay in daily contact with.
  • KUT makes you accountable.
  • KUT success stories motivated me to become one of them. I’m honored to inspire others and happy to share my experience and answer questions. I always tell everyone to ask their doctor. It was okay for me during pregnancy since I had already been doing it for a while.
  • The leaders at KUT have been willing and able to answer all my questions. It’s important to know they have great leadership and this is one of the main reasons I’ve been so successful.

It’s very rare in our culture to find a place that is so focused on positivity, that instills this in everyone who goes there including kids at a very young age. KUT is like entering another world, one that you can disappear into to get your “happy fix.”

You have to experience the feeling for yourself to know how much better you feel every single time after class. Sometimes it’s hard getting there, but it’s always worth it. I read somewhere, “I really regret that workout – said no one ever!” And it’s so true.

People tell me all the time that I look great and ask what I do and I tell them, I getKUT.


Erica and baby Christian

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