Gail knew it was time to take control of her eating and exercise habits, but needed to find somewhere that was the right fit. What she found was a place filled with positivity, genuine people and where things just clicked. At KUT, she was able to set a goal, and work towards achieving it, knowing that whether she missed a class, or had a wavering day on her nutrition plan, she had a team of supporters to do just that, support her through her journey. The encouragement at KUT is simply infectious, and Gail took notice of staff, combined with members, building a family.   Sharing notes of victory, both big and little, amongst one another helped everyone to commit that much more, push to succeed that much harder and inspire each other to stay strong. During Gail’s year-long goal, perseverance became her mantra. She concentrated on breathing and it helped her to focus inward and escape the outside world. She felt true sustainability with the actions she was doing to create a happier life and body. She’s now created new habits of determination with a purpose and goal of both feeling strong and having fun while doing it. Overall, Gail has made major achievements and had amazing results, including weight loss of 24 pounds, decrease of 38 inches, and a PBF drop to 4.2. She has more energy, feels like her clothes fit better and feels a sense of ownership over her hard work. Gail’s goal for the next year is to continue her push of perseverance. She’s going to continue to breathe, while maintaining what she’s created, all with a smile. GailA-B&A-4-photos

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