Although she had been exercising for years, Jackie had stubborn weight that just wouldn’t come off. She was exhausted and hungry and depressed until one day, she committed to follow the Clean KUT Nutrition Plan. She never looked back.

Jackie’s shift to eating real food, the emphasis of Clean KUT Nutrition, caused an immediate difference in the way she felt and in the way she looked. She couldn’t believe it! In the first 30 days, she felt like a different person. She lost almost 15 pounds and went on to lose 36 pounds in total!

But when you ask her, it was not losing the weight that made the biggest difference. Her adult acne disappeared, her chronic stomach issues went away, her hormones leveled out, the swelling in her legs went down, she slept better, and she had more energy. Jackie didn’t even know how sick she had been until she felt well. Real well.

Her son Jonathon came along on the journey, and he had his own transformation, losing 25 unwanted pounds of fat at 15 years old. To say that this changed his life is an understatement.

When Jackie and her family changed the way they ate, they changed the trajectory of their lives. At a family gathering not too long ago, Jonathon commented to his mom, “Thank goodness we changed the way we eat because I don’t want us suffering with all the illnesses that the rest of the family seem to have.”

It’s been 4 years since they first got on the Clean KUT Nutrition plan and have found it to be a simple way to manage their health and keep weight off effortlessly.

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