Josh GetsKUT

At 31, Josh became frustrated over the lack of control over his nutrition and physical activity. For over a year he had watched a co-worker transform his life through KUT. His coworker saw the frustration in Josh and encouraged him to give it a try, and the timing could not have been better. Josh lacked self-confidence and was not happy with his physical appearance, but what really got him was his inability to exercise at the level he expected of himself.

The one thing that Josh was afraid of was that the classes would be too easy and that he would lose interest in the program. He was also concerned that he would be considered an outsider. However, he was immediately embraced by the friendly KUT staff, Instructors and his fellow team-mates.  They supported and pushed each other, and helped to keep one another motivated.

Josh says that he really enjoyed the interaction with everyone in KUT, and noticed that his life has changed: he has a very positive self-image, is more confident and feels in control of his nutrition. His biggest lesson is that for him nutrition is 80% of the formula to achieving results. Josh is healthier, and he is happier. KUT has given Josh a fitness level, as well as a confidence level, that has been missing for years.

  •      Lost 16.6 pounds and 6.3% body fat
  •      Gained self-confidence while tracking results
  •      Conquered bad attitude about nutrition
  •      Instructors helped Josh stay on track and motivated, especially during the first three weeks when he wanted to quit
  •      Learned techniques that are all based on true fitness principles
  •      Feels in control of his nutrition
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