Mark has been a part of this school for over four years. He was referred to KUT by a friend who thought that he really needed to do something about his lifestyle and health. His friend thought it would be good for Mark, who is the youngest in his family – a family of big people!

Weighing in at over 300 pounds, Mark confesses that he knew he really needed to do something about his weight and overall health. His doctors kept telling him (to the point of “nagging”) that he was rapidly heading for heart disease, diabetes, a heart attack or a stroke. He was doing no physical activity when a worried friend recommended KUT.

Mark lost almost 30 pounds in his first KUT program. His doctors, to his disbelief, took him off his meds before the 9 weeks ended.

Mark continued to train and lost a total of 86 pounds.  His family and friends are astonished with his transformation. Some friends go so far as to say that they do not recognize him. Mark’s doctors now give him high fives when they see him! He feels great, sleeps better and has a great outlook on life. He blames it all on KUT.

  •      Lost 28 pounds in the first 9 weeks
  •      Lost a total of 86 pounds
  •      Before KUT he lead an ugly lifestyle full of discomfort, rashes and was uncomfortable in his body
  •      He is his proudest achievement
  •      Was able to go off heart burn, high blood pressure and cholesterol meds before the KUT program ended (under medical supervision)
  •      Mark unrecognizable to his awestruck friends and family
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