Nadege went through numerous transitions in her life, personally and professionally. She went from completing her Ph.D. to being overwhelmed by the devastating earthquake that destroyed much of Haiti, including a community library that she was instrumental in developing. On top of this she was going through some personal loss, and preparing to begin a tenure track position at a university. She realized that she needed to do something as she was 30 pounds overweight, was constantly experiencing nightmares and had horrible migraine headaches.

Nadege had been going to the gym but it wasn’t helping. In fact, it left her feeling depleted and without energy.  She knew that she had to really enjoy her workout in order to keep doing it, and KUT gave her the structure she needed. Nadege joined KUT to become physically fit as well as emotionally strong. She knew intuitively that if she was healthy physically she would be healthy mentally. Immediately she noticed that her body responded well to the KUT workouts. Nadege lost 10 pounds during the nine-week program, and by the end of her second round was 21 pounds lighter than when she had first started. After a year of classes and following the KUT Nutrition Plan, Nadege feels like she did when she was 25 years old. She learned to maintain a balanced lifestyle as a direct result of not only the KUT exercise training but the nutritional training as well.

  •      Was experiencing constant nightmares and horrible migraines
  •      Previous gym experiences left her without energy
  •      Feels 10 years younger
  •      Learned to maintain a balanced lifestyle through proper nutrition and KUT
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