It was the KUT program that truly saved my life.

The first time I did the KUT program was November of 2012. I had my doubts and was apprehensive about changing my diet. I enjoyed all the classes. There is no better feeling when the energy in the room is so high and everyone in the KUT class is having such a great time. I love the connection you make with people and noticing each others progress. It’s so encouraging to see the transformation people are making in KUT.

It only took a week into the KUT program for me to feel and notice the differences in my energy. The energy I had throughout the day lasted longer and I didn’t feel as tired. During that nine weeks I lost 13 lbs. When my nine week program ended my KUT mentality didn’t. I’ve been following the Clean KUT nutrition plan ever since.

It wasn’t until the sudden death of my fiancé where my life was turned upside down and my body went into survival mode. I dropped down to 100 lbs and then I shot up to 153 lbs in the matter of a couple months.

My hormones were crazy and cortisol levels very high. After sharing my story with Melodee Meyer, founder of KUT, and CleanKUT, we came up with a Clean KUT Nutrition Plan and the support I needed to get me back into the KUT program. I’m happy to say I’ve now lost 25 lbs. It was the KUT program that truly saved my life.

– Sarah W.

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