The reasons Summer Calvert decided to join KUT were simple: “I wanted a fun, structured program to get in shape,” she said. Calvert got that and more. “I lost about 15 pounds and 30 inches overall. I improved my cardio and actually looked forward to working out—something I haven’t felt in a really long time.”

By the end of the nine-week program, Calvert had reached her fitness goals–to lose weight, gain muscle tone, improve aerobic conditioning and abdominal strength, increase stamina, and gain greater self esteem. “Because the classes were fun and energetic in addition to challenging, it was easy to come every day and improve.”

Joining MAFF’s martial arts class seemed the logical next step for Calvert. Of her decision, she said: “Of course, the awesome kicks, board breaks, self-defense, and forms, but also that it was attainable for people of all ages and sizes.”

After just three months of martial arts classes, Calvert has already seen a change within herself. “I have an inner strength and confidence that has been hiding,” she explained. “My classes have been a safe place to try new things and be supported during that process.”

Calvert’s journey so far has been one of success. As a result, she’s eager to spread the word about KUT and martial arts. “I recommend it to everyone that comments on how much weight I’ve lost,” she said. “And to my close friends and family who have also noticed a personal growth in me. I love KUT!

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