W hen asked why he signed up for the nine-week KUT program, Raymond Janik said, “I was bored with running and weights.”

With it’s combination of kickboxing, resistance training, and nutrition education, KUT also addressed Janik’s goals of losing weight, body fat, and obtaining aerobic conditioning.

“The first few weeks were really challenging, but kickboxing was more fun than I’d ever had working out,” said Janik, adding that he also liked the variety and intensity of the workouts. “I lost more than 20 pounds, and had to get rid of a lot of “XL” clothes,” he said. “By the end, I was doing kicks and combos that I could barely follow when I started.”

Although Janik had been training in martial arts for the past three years, he found KUT to be a synergistic addition. “I like that KUT/kickboxing was practical,” he said. “We were really learning martial arts moves and I wanted to do more of that. Seeing martial artists in class and coming onto the mat made me want to try it.”

Since becoming a martial artist, Janik has seen a happy change within himself.

“I can do things I’d only seen in movies,” he said. “There’s a serious element, but room for performance and fun.”

“I recommend it to my friends all the time! I think it offers something for everyone, and what I really like about KUT is that diversity–so many different people, all doing the same thing but in their own way.”

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