H aving a hard time getting your daily intake of water? We all know to drink water and how important it is for our bodies, but how to get all 8 glasses in our busy day. That’s it! No more boring water.

Time to make your water Fun!

#1 : Berry Infusion

Forget buying flavored water at the store and make your own. Cut up your favorite fruit, a few sliced strawberries or some whole blueberries, get crazy and add some blackberries or raspberries. Ta da! Berry infused water in seconds. Let it sit for a bit to get a really tasty berry flavor.

#2 : Herbal Hint

Have you been to a spa or a hotel where you are served water that is so refreshing almost feels like you’ve just brushed your teeth? That’s herbal water. Add a little bit of cucumber slices and a hint of mint. You won’t need a stick of gum after hydrating with this yummy cocktail.

#3 : Citrus Cocktail

Don’t like sweet or berry infused? Try a citrus cocktail. Cut up a few lemons and/or lime to add to your water. If you’re feeling even more inspired, add a slice of orange. Colorful and thirst quenching.

#4 : Emergen-C

Just finished your daily exercise and needing to replenish those electrolytes? Emergen-C is a vitamin supplement drink mix that is a great source of essential nutrients to add to your water.

#5 : Carbonation

Sick of plain old flat water? Try carbonating your water. You can carbonate your own water using a Soda Stream Machine, which adds a little C02 to your water. Or stock your refrigerator with bottled sparkling water. Add a little bit of bubble to liven up your H20.

#6 : Water Bottle Love

Find a water bottle you love! The size, the color, the words on the outside of the bottle, and even the weight of the bottle. If you don’t adore your water bottle you are less likely to HAVE TO HAVE it with you at all times. You gotta drink up so you may want to get something awesome to drink from!

If you want to really expedite your results, consider upping your water intake! Water does the body good. Now pick one way to add more FUN to your water and start sippin’!

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